Environmental Friendly

The TOUGHROOF System is the GREENEST alternative when it comes to your flat roof.

SAVE ENERGY -Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print

Installing a TOUGHROOF reduces your carbon foot print on the Earth by NOT contributing to the Heat Island Effect. (link to the SNOWBALL EFFECT page) Using a multi-layered ultra white coating, with over 93% reflectivity, the TOUGHROOF System greatly reduces the inside temperatures of your building. HVAC units will run more efficiently; saving tons of energy and in turn saving you money.


TOUGHROOF makes an excellent choice for solar and green roofing applications. Our trustworthy flat roofing system is the perfect base for any green installations. There are no warranty restrictions or stipulations on solar arrays or green roofs with a TOUGHROOF.

We encourage all of our TOUGHROOF customers to install Solar panels and Green Roofing materials, to ease our use of unnatural energy production methods (i.e. Nuclear power).


TOUGHROOF never needs replacing, you can feel great knowing that our landfills are not being filled with unnecessary waste. The only part of our multi-layered system that needs replacing is the top white coating, this is due to sun damage. Recoating this layer is a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

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